Cate has the POWER!

You may need this

Ok here’s the deal, I’m a geek, I’m a girl and like sewing.

put it together and what do you got? (bibbety bobbety booo)

As you know on Saturday I found this AWESOME Duvet cover in a charity shop in Aylesbury town centre, the tag said apologetially “£1.50, NO PILLOW SLIP” … and I cried a little inside for how beautiful it was.

first the colours are slightly washed out which gives it a pastel-y colour and it’s just COVERED in cartoon characters, I mean, wow. geek … love …

I was highly aware that I was making a dress out of a duvet cover, I didn’t want it to look like a dress made out of a duvet cover. But I needed a pattern and I needed it now so that meant burdastyle. I’ve been using Burdastyle since February and it’s a great place to learn to sew, if you, like me, would prefer to learn from the internet than an actual person. I ended up using this pattern “Cate” (hence the name *facepalm*)

First things first, I had to pay for it… BOO! but I swallowed the pill and suffered for my art… still cheaper and quicker than buying a pattern on e-bay and waiting for it to be delivered.
Secondly, the instructions weren’t great, this is the first pattern I’ve bought and on the free patterns I accepted the bizarre gaps in instuctions, unreadable characters and undecipherable sizing… I just thought that was the price you pay for free patterns… ‘parrently not… it’s on the paid ones too.

But on the plus side it’s labelled as an advanced skill level… awesome, 3 months and I’m sewing things that are considered ‘advanced’ 🙂 well that makes me feel better…

I can’t wait to wear this dress out 🙂


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