Dr Who Pattern Book (AKA why it’s good that Alex is a hoarder) 2

So one thing you probably don’t know is that Alex (the boy) is a huge hoarder, he comes from a long line of hoarders and to be honest, he is taking ownership of his affliction and taking steps to curb his hoarding tendancies.

One fruit of his hoarding nature is this little gem:

Published in 1984, as you can see this was probably bought from a charity shop for 95p, which makes it double awesome as to buy today on amazon it would set you back about £25!!

For any international visitors Dr Who is a massive Sci-fi series from the BBC. ‘Who’ has been going just about as long as TV in the UK, it’s so influential that when I was studying Media, Culture, and Society as part of my degree, Dr Who was often mentioned in lectures (groovy!)

And what did kid want to sew in 1984? … well.. Dr Who costumes for their action men apparently…

And what did their Smexy dads look like?
the book actually includes the sewing pattern for this and a child’s jumper… as well as a section called ‘how to knit’ for the absolute beginner… I shan’t be knitting the Boy one of these….

But I may be making the boy one of these:
I think this is pretty cool, I also think it would go very well in the Boy’s Star Wars room (don’t ask… ) and he’d be able to use it to store paints, brushes, droid parts etc… I bought some fabric that’s the right color, but it’s polycotton and it’s too flimsy. Although obviously I’d all the ‘police call box bit at the top, its a bit dumb that Ms Gammon chose to omit this very important detail!

Cybermats are cute!
well… they are now.. I never thought of them as cute before this moment.
and d’you know what else is cute?
a knitted K-9! oh wow.. . I can imagine you’ve got to be quite skilled in the knitting stakes to get reasonable ‘angles’ on this… otherwise it’d just look quite unconvincing.

And if you don’t knit, dont fear! You can sew K9 too!
I’m going to do this for a friend (and one for myself) but I’m going to mix the pattern in this book with the plushie pattern from crafty tardis (ohmyword craftytardis is awesome, I must add my creations there too…)

The book also includes the sewing pattern for that sailor top (apparently Romana’s) … what do you reckon the odd are of that little girl being beaten up by some angry chavs affronted by her mums hand made togs?

I like this shot – it’s like the whole troupe saying goodbye at the end of the book.. very BBC

This book is awesome, you should keep tuned for various creations inspired by the patterns here.

Truely Geeky 🙂
x G

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