RAWR ai etes ur words

I’m not going to apologise for not blogging, I’ve not been sewing I’ve been getting married, eat it.

But I did make this yesterday:

Here’s the story.

I teach children between the ages of 11-18, Last year was my first proper year of teaching, although I did a year of training which was school based, so essentially I’ve been teaching for 2 years. But last year was my first year of ‘going it alone’.

Parents evening are genarally a bit rubbish, you have to tlk to pushy parent, agressive parent, absent parent, sister-in-leiu-of-parent as well as deal with parents who are fulled by the media’s interpretation of what good teaching and learning should look like, and have already decided that we’re a rubbish school because we’re not a grammar school. There are nice parents too… and it is a plaesure to talk to them… but usually nice parents produce nice children. In short on a preants evening you usually end up (a) preaching to the converted (b) being ignored by parents who think they can do your job better than you.

This is a story of a pair of nice parents.

These nice parent’s did not blank me as soon as they saw that I was a young teacher, they responded favourably to my well intentioned, light hearted demeanour. They didnt look at me with bemusement when I explained I have no firm religious belief (I teach a subject called Religious Studies, terribly missnamed! it’s basically philosophy, thats my schtik).

They reccomended a book … it’s a very good book but I hadn’t read it. I hadn’t reald any Phillip Pullman which is a great regret as he’s a prominent humanist and I’m interested in seeing if that influences his writing at all … and I feel really guilty because the day after the parent evening at 8.20 in the morning this lovely child with nice parents came and presented me with this book to borrow.

and that was probably about 6 months ago…

I still havn’t read it…

I don’t have any spare time when I’m working (term time)…. if I try and read I fall asleep.

When I’m on school holidays my time is spent mostly cooking, cleaning and sewing.

So I decided by way of apology I would sew this lovely child a gift based on this thing I saw on Burdastyle

Now I feel less guilty…. I’ve got about a week before I have to start working again…..

will I finish this book now it’s properly dressed?

I intend to do a tutorial as well 🙂 now that I’ve got my lovely new camera which makes such things possible.


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