Supergirl Costume (pt2, pattern drafting)

I’m not lying, I picked the Supergirl outfit because it’s a super simple construction (or so I hope). My previous post shows how I intend to build it. It’s essentially a long sleeved t-shirt and a circle skirt…. ‘xept I’ve never made long sleeves before (DAMMIT) and the applique in the ‘boob’ area could spell sure death (DAMMIT).

Anyway I needed a pattern. I made the bodice block from a T-shirt I like, sellotaped some old newspaper together, drew around it with one colour marker pen, then made any alterations (neckline and hem really) added seam allowances and made a final cutting line, it ended up looking like this:

the big black line is the cutting line, they green lines are the construction lines… but you knew that!

et voila! my bodice pattern! … I found a 3/4 sleeve in a pattern I had in my pattern stash and redrafted that for more length, but sleeves aren’t interesting….
Here’s a skirt and belt pattern!

I can’t believe I ACTUALLY had to use Pi to figure out what measurement to use for the waist! My maths teacher would be proud I’ve finally found a use for it!!
As you can see I’ve added the ‘V’ shape on the hem… I didn’t know what to do at the waistline so I’ve left that for figuring out with my muslin.

And a cape made much the same way…. for some reason the picture will not upload and stay portrait…. it wants to be landscape… I shall not let it.

Last bit of pattern making!

Easy peasy, google superman, print out logo as big as you can, cut out the shapes with a stanley knife? … ok don’t use a stanley knife! use a craft knife like a sensible person… 

I also needed another template for that background to the ‘S’ logo, just another diamond, slightly smaller than the that the edges don’t stick out 🙂

OK tomorrow! muslin making (first time for everything) and constructing that all important ‘S’

smell ya later!
G x

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