Supergirl, Wedding Dresses and Pillow Cases 1

‘Cos that’s just how I roll!!

ok, one thing, THE SUPERGIRL COSTUME IS DONE (cue fanfare!) but I’m not showing you it! I’m keeping the grand unveiling for my Sister in Law’s party on Saturday, hopefully there will be many lovely people (mostly men prolly) there who are more than willing to take suitably high quality pictures of your truely, this one is not for shoddy auto-timed pictured against a magnolia wall, this one has to be shot ‘out and about’

if you want to see a sneak peak (and GOD it’s worth it) you should join my facebook page.

But a Geeky Seamstress’ work is NEVER done! for I have ANOTHER party to attend on FRIDAY (the rock and roll life I lead!) This party is at a posh hotel in Denham. So I decided to wear the most posh thing I own…. My wedding dress!

no… really….

OH! it doesnt look like this anymore!

“Sometimes smiling makes my face hurt”

 oh God no… I wore white ONCE and it shall never be repeated!

ahem… I’m sure we can fix this….

Fantastic! now all I need to do is chop a couple of inches off the bottom and that my friends, is a rock and roll party dress. 🙂

In this dog eat dog sewing world you’ve got to think 3 steps ahead to survive, and I’m already on to my next raft of projects! September is one of those months were birthdays lurk around every corner, I suffer from the impediment of living 30 miles away from my family so if I forget a birthday it’s often too late to post a card by the time I realise (!!!). Anyhow I’m sure my family members would love some tat I’ve sewn out of an old pillow case…. no? …. not even if the pillow case looks like this?

That’s an awful lot of fabric from one pillow case!

I just LOVE L-O-V-E it! If I was a size 8 I would make myself a shift dress out of it and build a time machine to go back to the 70’s where they would SURELY make me queen of fabulous dresses!

So WATCH OUT if your birthday’s in September one of two things are going to happen, (1) I’m going to miserably forget – hopefully not (2) you’re going to get some tat made out of an old pillowcase.

I’m also aware that I’ve not really been ‘geeking it up’ enough recently so hopefully I’ll get that shizzle in there too, BRING IT ON!

G x

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