My Ass Rocks! (Pt 1 embroidery)

Check it out!!

  ICK! I don’t like it that close up it’s a bit unforgiving!

There we go:

It started out life here:

 Guys, it’s the 21st century! we don’t have to spend loads of money on embroidery patterns! google images has a feature now where can specify exactly what kind of picture you want:

and there you go – line drawing = embroidery pattern, job done. Save it, pop it in word, add a text box, add some cheeky text, Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt!

On the Internet there’s loads of different ways to transfer embroidery patterns. I chose to use carbon paper because I happened to have some lying around after I failed to use it to transfer sewing patterns in the early days. (Just goes to show NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY!!)

As you can see, nice and light, but sharp enough to see what you’re doing, awesome!
In case you care I’m just using muslin as a base and when I’m stitching I’ll be using backstitch because I don’t know ANYTHING about embroidery at all!

Ok so that’s the hard part, it took me about 3 nights (3 school nights) to sew this, it’s about 3.5×6 inches… something like that…. not big….

In the next installment: how to make you kickass embroidery into a patch for your jeans or jacket… but you still wont be as cool as this guy:

 see you soon!!

x G

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