I don’t know how I feel about this….

I’m in the middle of re purposing an old jumper and I unpicked the seam so I could use this tag in the final piece… then I noticed the ‘cut here’ dotted line, usually obscured in the seam allowance.

This just reminded me that it is a person who cut this, not a machine, not in the lovely relaxed atmosphere in which I sew, probably in rubbish conditions, probably all they do all day is snip labels to the right length. Would they give this job to the least skilled? a child? an illiterate woman? because of how simple it is…

… I should stop over thinking things….

… but you know, it gives more importance to what I do, upcycling clothing. How disrespectful would it be to throw these people’s hard work in the bin just because of our whims of fashion….. The only thing that is worse than the conditions people work in to bring us inexpensive clothing is how it has distanced us from the work. So many of us consume fashion but most of us have no idea what goes into crafting a garment. It’s such a shame.

x G

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