the internet is FULL of pixel art these days, and of course no embroidery technique lends itself more to this style than cross stitch. Check out this offering from OneChordWonder‘s craftster

It’s clear that the juxtaposition between technology and ancient crafts is pleasing, and rendering your favourite sprite in cross-stich is a great way to impress fellow like-minded geeks!

Unfortunately OneChordWonder’s etsy shop is out of commission at the moment, but I’ve collected together a bunch of other ways for you to get your blocky fix.

First off OneChordWonder themselves did a tutorial on how to create excellent pixel-cross stitch patterns. They use the program PcStitch, however if you’re interested in trying out pixel cross-stitch without the $40 outlay for software, you should have a look at the free patterns available on the spritestitch forums. There’s some awesome stuff on there including the mammoth epic pokemon pattern and some super cute sailor moon sprites (you will need to download the free KG-Chart cross stitch program to open the .sth patterns)

Cant cross stitch? DON’T PANIC! why not display your pixel love on your chest? go oldshcool with an I (BLOCK) pixels T

or be totally awesome with this brick construction shirt from thinkgeek

Got a massive wall to spare? why not paint it in metallic paint and enter the world of pixels XL.

 I completely want this stuff… it’s basically just magnets… magnets of pixelly goodness…plaster your sitting room with geek-joy OH-YEAH!

if you’ve got this far and decided that creating your own pixel art is too much hard work, you can always leave the pixels in their natural habitat, allow them to fulfill their purpose in life and grab the Metroid game on NES or the new ‘Other M’ on Wii

remember, we’re like-minded geeks, and we want to be impressed! so make sure you let us know about any geek crafting you’ve been doing recently, is pixel art old news? or timeless? let us know!

x Geeky Sweetheart.

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