K9/TARDIS reversible bag!!

oh companions!!

here are very purple person’s pattern and tutorial
Here’s my tardis/k9 templates, and my pocket pattern

I’m such a geek!

so… all warmed up for the Dr Who Swap on craftster 🙂

ALL the fabric used here is actually upcycled, the white floral stuff was a duvet cover I got for free from a carboot sale and the funky 70’s brown stuff also came from a carboot sale, and it’s a curtain 🙂 I’m MAD paying £1 for a single curtain but I loved the pattern… I thought I might make a skirt out of it but there wasn’t really enough….

Anyhow the video explains everything I did differently to Very Purple Person …please let me know if you use my applique templates, I’d love to see what you make!!

x G

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