Star Wars Embroidery – finished! 8

here it is! rock you like a hurricane!


I’m not 100% satisfied with the framing, I just wish I could keep me work in an embroidery frame forever! but in terms of frame jobs I’ve done so far this is probably the neatest. I have to work harder at getting my grain lines straight in the hoop in the first place, then hopefully it’ll keep it’s proportions when it’s un-hooped (the border is not as straight as I’d like and the top lettering is slightly distorted :-/ )

Anyhow, enough of that, I’m very happy, here’s the pattern again:

You’re welcome to use it for non-profit/personal use, I’m not giving you the bumble bee because I drew that freehand. Only one thing, if you do use it LET ME KNOW!! I wanna see! Comment on here, e-mail, post on my facebook page, PM me on craftster

Notes to embroiderers: the lettering was done completely in 2 strands of black embroidery floss with backstitch, the bumble bee is all 2 strands too, satin stitch, backstitch for the outlines and french knots for the antennae. The border is completely 3 stands of embroidery floss, the stalks are ‘spoke stitch’ (essentially backstitch), the leaves are lazy daisy, which is like a singular loose chain stitch. And the ‘flowers’ are french knots.

I completely have now made my peace with lettering and french knots, onwards and upwards!

x G

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