Dalek Valentines Card [also: the viral nature of craft and a cautionary tale]

oh yea, I haven’t posted this here yet!

Ignore that red smudge next to the balloon… let it be a testament to my stance against airbrushing!! (feminism hell yea!)
This is the Husbot’s valentines day card for this year, and apart from the red smudge I’m really pleased with how it turned out! it was really easy (but time consuming… will post a brief how-to later)
The image is not mine (but the colouring was my ‘flourish’ – I *HEART* red daleks) and that’s where our story begins.The original concept was posted by KrazyKitty on the Craftster papercrafts board at the beginning of February.
note to crafters – this is why a good thumbnail image is REALLY important for your work – I don’t go on the papercrafts beard because I don’t DO papercrafts. I only picked up on this image because I’m logged into Craftster all the time and I saw it pop up on the front page in the ‘newest projects’ box.
But this is what blows my mind right – I don’t know where KrazyKitty lives… I’m presuming somewhere in north America… here I am in the UK, and not only can I view her work SECONDS after it’s been created, I can ask for her permission to use it, add my own twist to it and put it right back out there! There are ideas travelling across the world faster than the speed of light! It’s AMAZING!! (ok I sound like a crazy hippy right now I know… )
Oh yea… the red smudge… make sure if you do embroidery on card you use the proper equipment! a good thimble that FITS and a pricking mat of some description (some old corrugated cardboard would work too… ) but anyhow I’ll get into that later… for now look at my card!

 Doesn’t really look like anything yet … this is where I wasn’t sure it was going to work 🙂

My lovely (hand carved – hell yea) Tardis stamp I received form Opaka in Dr Who Swap round 4…. I don’t have an ink pad so I had to use my purple highlighter… it worked *phew*

x G

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