Project Maternity has BEGUN! 2

Basically in the last couple of days I’ve decided enough is enough! I’ve been avoiding sewing clothes for the past 3 months because of my pregnancy. I’ve been treating maternity wear as this sort-of mystical magical thing and it’s not! Just like sewing any garments it’s about research, planning and thinking through the problems logically.

SO…. I’m making my own spring/summer wardrobe… I don’t know yet how many garments this wardrobe will consist but I’m going for it… and I shall call it:

I’m not looking at the bump-alteration business at the moment, I’m looking for patterns/styles that will (or can with slight modification) accommodate some belly… so that’s things made out of jersey/stretch materials, wrap arounds, empire lines.

so first… from Burda Styles January issue.

 and from burdastyle’s March issue:

 This Kaftan dress is particularly Maternalicious, check it out:

now… haahah I’m not EVER going to wear ANYTHING white… but look at that waist! … tie back… expands until forever… this is the key to maternity sewing I think 🙂

 In this issue they’ve even got things to make for babies, how perfect!

The next stage is… err editing! I seem to have found LOADS of patterns that will either work more-or-less how they are or with some alternation, I need to decide what garments are going to make it to the final line-up… how many garments I need… and then look at the fabrics out there and decide a colour scheme….

Am I brave or mad?

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