Embroidered Card Tutorial

So… yesterday I posted about my Husbot’s valentines card. I created this by embroidering card… because I’ve forgotten how to use pens:

 This technique can be used to much better effect than displayed above 🙂 be imaginative, sew bits of paper together, indulge in a bit of paper applique, combine paper and fabric… but whatever you do the general technique is going to be the same:

What you can see in the above picture is my pattern (to the right) and my card (to the left) The trick with card embroidery is that you need to make the holes first.

1. Place your pattern on top of the card you’re using and place the whole thing on top of a pricking mat (some people may have a pricking mat… I suggest using corrugated cardboard for a low-cost disposable alternative).

  • I used my ironing board which I don’t suggest, because it can be hard work if you’re hitting against metal mesh all the time. the idea is that you should be able to put a pin through your pattern and card (in other words – make holes) and have something behind it so you don’t damage your dining table 🙂

2.  Continue to prick (make holes in) your card, using your pattern as a guide. These holes will replace the holes you would make when embroidering normally, so you need to make a hole wherever your thread will change direction.  

  • Be Careful. You can buy ‘pricking tools’… I didn’t… I used a pin, which I pushed in with my fingers, which was a bad idea. I figured out later that it would be easier if I used a thimble, but my thimble doesn’t fit. and that is the start of the series of unfortunate events that led to me bleeding on my card later on… bleeding on card is not good… there’s not a lot you can do to fix it…

3. Once you’ve pricked all your holes, remove the pattern and embroider as normal!

  • Obviously you can’t use an embroidery hoop with this thing so just be careful about how much you’re bending/tugging on the card
  • Keep your pattern for reference, it’s quite possible you’ll forget where you’re supposed to be stitching to as you’ve essentially got a massive, un-numbered dot-to-dot.
  • Use good embroidery thread! I used 2 strands of DMC. If you use cheap rubbish it WILL snap and it WILL get fluffy, card is more scratchy than fabric.


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