Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodrigues Swap

I swapped with Ralph in the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodrigues Organised Craft Swap. I told her I was pregnant and she told me she likes tea. Neither of us like Pulp Fiction.

I sent:

“WWDTD: What would Danny Trejo Do?” and “The Bartender Never gets Killed!” mug cosies – Inspired by Desperado.

“The only Alien at School” embroidered patch – inspired by The Faculty

Clark Kent/Superman Make-up bag, inspired by the “Superman Speech” from Kill Bill Vol.2

(I liked that one so much I made it a brother that I could keep)

(I sent Ralph the one with he nice top stitching around the zip)

I received:

Titty Twister painted coasters inspired by “From Dusk Til Dawn”

3 AWESOME Onesises inspired by The Faculty, Kill Bill and From Dusk Til Dawn

“Bill’s Handkerchief” and Bill’s Ladies bracelet, inspired by Kill Bill

painted matchbox and Carolina’s Boots Earrings – Inspired by Desperado.

Awesome huh? Thanks Ralph 🙂 See the rest of the Gallery here

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