The Only Alien In School – Free Embroidery Pattern

SO I made this for Ralph in a recent Craftster Swap

It’s a patch inspired by the Robert Rodriguez move The Faculty.
Here it is on the hoop:

I used applique for the alien, satin stitch for the spots and the letters and backstitch for the outlining. I used 3 stands of floss for the satin stitch in the letters but I wish I’d only used 2. I think I used 2 everywhere else…

And here’s the pattern:

The Alien is adapted from this image:

so obviously… that belongs to them…

As always, use my pattern as much as you like, just don’t use it to make money, don’t sell it in your etsy shop, don’t pretend it’s yours. and PLEASE let me know if you use it.. I wanna see!!!

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