Project Maternity – honourary mention – DIY Maternity

Some of you may have noticed this button appear on the right hand side of the blog

Some of you may not have noticed, some of you may not care!

As I mentioned to my facebook peeps easier in the week the Project Maternity Bandwagon is moving QUICKLY!! after desperately begging, the lovely Megan from DIY Maternity has donated a copy of her maternity wrap top to the cause!! Here is why I thought it was so necessary:

isn’t it JUST PERFECT? I could wear this to work, I could wear it to the shops, it’s just so wearable, it’s going to be the ultimate in comfort and a really truly ‘fitting’ maternity top as you wrap it around your bump!

the only downside? this baby EATS fabric… oh well… I suffer for my art and all that…

DIY Maternity has a bunch of other tips, tricks and tutorials I’ll probably be using along the way, such as how to sew a belly band (I’ve heard those things are lifesavers), as well as some pretty good upcyling ideas… and y’all know how much I love to upcycle

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