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Hello Everyone!!
I’m Samantha, I’m a 23 year old secondray school teacher. My superhero alter ego is a geek culture and craft blogger at Geeky Sweetheart. I’ve also started a baby specific blog at Teensy Geek. I’m in the process of making my own maternity wardrobe (I’m calling it Project Maternity as an homage to one of my favourite TV programmes). I love karaoke and 80’s Metal music.
Last week I had my 20 week scan which was a really great experience! It was much less scary then my 12 week scan. Here’s both the pictures and I’ll talk about how they were different afterwards:

12 Weeks:

20 Weeks:
20 week scan

Before my 12 week scan I was PETRIFIED! I was so stressed out about it all, I was grumpy and irritable at school, I was constantly exhausted having to go to bed sometimes as early as 7/8pm (which is absolutely unheard of for me) I didnt have morning sickness, but I completely lost my appetite and found to really difficult to eat a full meal. For one reason or another I hadn’t been to see a midwife at all until after my 12 week scan so the scan was the first time I saw a health professional about my pregnancy.

The 20 week scan was a completely different deal… I’ve still only got a little bump, but my bump had started to develop just before my 20 week scan. I’d also been feeling movements since around 16 weeks and kicks at around 19 weeks. My baby is very active, it’s so reassuring! I was sitting in the waiting room for my 20 week scan wondering why I was so relaxed compared to my 12 week scan and that’s essentially what it comes down to, I can feel my baby (I can him/her Squiggle) punching, kicking and doing sumersualts Big Smile which I couldn’t before because s/he was so tiny.

I didnt find out the gender at the 20 week scan. I think there’s a lot to be said for surprises. I also would begrudge being forced to spend my life surrounded by exclusively pink or blue things before my Squig has even surfaced.

I’ve just finished my own home-made maternity top, but unfortunately I wore it to work today and when I came home I got cottage cheese all down the front of it! So I guess I’ll be back in the next couple of days with informaton about clothes and my bump!

See you then!

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