Nick Nak Bags for Bits and Bobs

yeyy more fused plastic bags!!

behold! … what I’m calling a ‘mini tote’ and a clutch bag! … click here if you want to know more about plastic fusing.

Lets look more closely and compare to previous attempts!
Lets look at the prototype

This bag was constructed out of 7 separate pieces (the sides and base were made from fusing bin bags together) and the straps are also made out of fused plastic… which took a long time and made bloody uncomfortable handles! the raw edges are exposed inside.

Now lets look at the next generation:


  1. Closures!!! a Zip on the clutch and Velcro on the tote
  2. Simpler and more effective construction process… each bag effectively now only contains 2 pieces of fused plastic (front and back) and the sides and base are made using this technique. This eliminates the need for finding colour coded plastic to create bases and sides… . something that would be impossible 🙂 
  3. Lining! isn’t it pretty!! it opens the door for adding pockets etc and really gives a better finish to the completed article.
  4. Cotton webbing tape used for handles: makes MUCH nicer handles (ones that don’t scratch your arm to bits!) Making handles out of fused plastic just not practical given the unpredictable nature of the ‘shrinkage’ that occurs with fused plastic.

I’m so pleased!! 🙂 I cant wait to make more and maybe even start selling some!!

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