Embroidery Hoopla Swap: What I sent….

My partner on this swap was GoldSheepBowl Her wist had a bunch of cute, creepy embroideries inspired by Victorian freak shows…. So I ran with that and stitched up a personalised ‘title’ hoop and her very own bearded lady.

I stitched almost all of it in backstitch, I used a smidgen of chain stitch on the lady’s (Tasha’s 🙂 ) eyebrows, and a whole lotta french knots for her beard >.great effect before

See how I managed to work in use of my new overlocker to finish the hoops? I should have used matching thread… but that’s the thing with the overlocker… every time you need new thread you gotta spend £10 on 4 spools… at the moment I only have green and red… more colours will come in time 🙂

Here have my embroidery patterns!… they’re rough round the edges but meh, you want perfection then pay for it!

the title piece is all mine except for the girl in the middle who is adapted from this colouring book page
Tasha is adapted from this image which is peppered around the internet:

I couldn’t find an original credit for it though so if you know who it is/by let me know!

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