British TV Comedy Swap – What I Recieved! 2

My partner in this swap was Baloo. It’s always a game of Russian roulette when you swap with a ‘new swapper’ in retrospect I think I was a pretty crap first time swapper myself. I sent my Dr Who Knitting Needle Roll… which… you know… did include a 12 inch embroidered design… which was pretty awesome… but I didn’t really send anything else much… anyhow… I’m now a seasoned veteran (lol) I’m even ORGANISING a swap at the moment (I KNOW!! who died and made ME a responsible adult…)

Anyhoo, enough with this random meandering! check out the awesome stuff I received from this first time swapper on the British TV Comedy Swap!

I particularly love the baby-grows/Onesies. They completely appeal to my sense of humour an irreverence over the whole baby situation, and I DOUBLE love that I’m going to have a mam and baby matching T-shirt set!! hahaha!! AWESOME!. I wear a lot of t-shirt/jeans combos so those shirts will be well loved and the tote bag will completely be adored by all of my IT helpdesk friends (of which I have many). And the cute starbug!! that’ll go in the baby’s room too… when err… the baby gets a room

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