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Cross posted at the NHS talk Blog ————————————————————————————————————– Hello Everyone!! I’m Samantha, I’m a 23 year old secondray school teacher. My superhero alter ego is a geek culture and craft blogger at Geeky Sweetheart. I’ve also started a baby specific blog at Teensy Geek. I’m in the process of making […]

I just blogged for the NHS people!!

FABRIC HAS ARRIVED!!! woooooooooohooo!!!…. well… kinda ok… those are 2 different greens… *facepalm*… actually it’s COMPLETELY my fault! I’m blaming the internet but the internet only does what it’s told… let’s review.actual fabric: fabric as advertised on website: now… they do look like similar colours on the photos… but any […]

Project Maternity – lesson 1 – Don’t trust the internet ...