British TV Comedy Swap – What I Sent! 2

This is what I sent to Baloo:
(1) a Jupiter Mining Corp Tote Bag:

I love the sorta hessian strapping/webbing stuff I got from Needlecraft I’ll definitly be getting some more of that when I’m up there next.

2) a SMEG headband (HAHAH)

You can find a tutorial to make a headband like this for yourself over at Burdastyle. I used a comic book style font to create the applique myself and handstitched the interfaced Jersey to the gorgeous polka-dot fabric using basic running stitch, easy peasy!

and this is my favourite, even though I hate the boosh:

Lovely lined zipper pouch/clutch bag/purse/make up bag/whatever with an embroidered mighty boosh quote, and the picture that it inspired in my mind!

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