Craft Swaps: OTT Star Wars Swap – Recieved

An OTT swap is a very fun thing indeed. You and your partner each send each other One Tiny Thing on the theme of the swap. When I saw the Star Wars OTT swap I knew I had to get in on it, and I’m so glad I did, lookit!

 My partner SilentBlair has some embroidery skills (which is handy considering what I sent her!)

 I personally haven’t got round to perfecting a long and short stitch (or am I mislabelling this?) as precise as this!

 Here’s the star of the show… yes, it’s…

Safely on my bookcase, next to my Yoda baby hat, waiting for my Squiggle to come and play! (this is seriously going in my overnight bag for hospital!)

x G

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