TG: 33 Weeks!! 3

We’re into countdown mode now, 33 weeks, 7 weeks left to go!

This is a top I made myself out of a men’s shirt. It was intended to just give me something to wear to a pirate theme party I went to last weekend, but it’s turned out to be the most comfortable top EVER.

I’m on maternity leave from work now and I’d been squeezing myself into an array of maternity and non-maternity wear since I was determined not to buy anything new for the last couple of weeks. Being able to dress casually full time now (and even just in my PJs if I like) is SUCH a relief!

Anyhow… I took lots of pictures, so a tutorial for making a top like this will be coming up this week. It took no time at all!! and I’ve even gone out and bought a couple more shirts (from charity shops – of course!) so I can make some more and perhaps make a dress modification (did I mention it’s the most comfortable thing ever?)

EDIT: Tutorial is UP!! – HERE

My baby related thoughts are:
I’m thinking about…Ā  going for a water birth, the hospital I’m going to is well equipped for water births (I believe) and I’ll talk to my midwife about it when I see her next.
The Husb0t has begun… clearing out ‘his’ StarWars room so it can start receiving baby related furniture.
I have… a gym ball! so I can sit on it to encourage my Squiggle to get in the correct position for birth – if the Husb0t will ever get off the damn thing!
I’m frustrated… that there doesn’t seem to be anything going on in the NCT Branch where I live. I’m going to invite some of my antenatal class ladies round to sew some breastfeeding pillows and stuff… if they want.. I’ll be doing it anyway so it’s a good way of them getting something for nothing (and a good way for me to reduce my stash!)

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3 thoughts on “TG: 33 Weeks!!

  • kelly

    so cute! i’d love to make that shirt (non-maternity). i’m glad to hear you’re thinking about a water birth! my son was born in the water and it was beautiful. being able to float helped my tailbone so much during labor. i hope you can do it!

  • frankiesoup

    It just so happened that the birthing pool at my hospital was free as I was about to pop. I hadn’t planned to use the water but when it was offered I jumped at the chance (not litterally…)Best choice ever. I managed to do the whole thing without pain relief and Marian arrived really quickly – apparently a common thing with the pool. Well worth thinking about anyways. šŸ™‚

    PS. If Bub outgrows any clothes before you pop, do you want them? They’re not exciting (plain white) but could be dyed/embroidered if you’ve got time/can be bothered. šŸ™‚

  • Geeky Sweetheart

    @frankiesoup great to hear! that’s the hope, being in the pool should help me stay upright, help me relax and I really want as little medical interference as possible, just want to be up and out of the hospital ASAP… What a generous offer! of course I’d be happy to take anything that you’ve outgrown! I’ll pay your P+P Ironic that I’m just sorting out ‘donations’ of clothes right now (I’ve been so lucky with the family’s generosity, I’ve got bits and bobs ranging up to 2 years!) I dont know what I’m having so boring/white is great for me hahah! If you want to get in touch my e-mail is šŸ™‚