35 Weeks – 5 to GOOO!!

This is not a father’s day post, sorry 🙂

I read a great pregnancy blog from pregnant chicken the other day, What to do in your last Trimester. This blog is great fun and wholeheartedly recommended for anyone, even more so if you or or your partner is pregnant :-).

I’m not going to reproduce the whole list here, but here are a few things that I did already, either consciously or unconsciously, in preparation for the arrival of baby Squiggle. Reading them on the list made me do a mental ‘fist in the air’ BOOYAH!

Stock the freezer/batchcook
This is something I already do on a regular basis, The Husb0t and I are pretty much allergic to food waste, and I ALWAYS cook enough to feed a small army 🙂 so we have chili, curry, soup, bubble and squeak, pease pudding, ALL sorts in the freezer… but what I DO need to do is go through the thing and get some of the older stuff used up, get some newer stuff made up and make sure I don’t have, like, 3 bags of peas in there!

Eat ice cream

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, learn as much about it as you can, including possible problems you might encounter. 
I’m lucky enough to have had the ability to go to NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Antenatal Classes,  there was a session on breastfeeding which was really informative (complete with plush boobie to help explain the cause of Mastitis! – they do love their knitted/plushie props in the NCT!) I’ve also made contact with my local branch of ‘La Leche League‘ (which sound like some kind of lactating superhero squad) who run monthly breastfeeding support meetings, attended by a breastfeeding councillor. Also through the NCT I’ve also been pointed towards some local weekly baby/breastfeeding ‘cafe’ groups. The NCT also run a breastfeeding helpline (0300 330 0771) LET’S DO THIS THING!

Do all baby laundry now, if you haven’t already.

Oh my god… in progress… I was given a bunch of clothes ranging from premature, right up to 18 months/2 years! check it out!:

I don’t have a tumble dryer.. or an outside space in which I can do ‘drying’ this is going to be the main reason I’m not going to go whole hog and use fabric nappies full time… I’ll use some… some of the time… but not all the time, or I’ll be living in the land of nappies.

getting there…. getting there…

x GS

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