36 Weeks: Our bodies are too bumpalicious for ya babe! 2

This weekend I had Tea and cake with my pregnant lady friends from my NCT antenatal class 🙂 it was nice. The cups were big and they matched the teapot (no photo for this you’re just going to have to take my word for it)

Here are our tummies!!

haha I have a friend who has a phobia of pregnant women (srsly…) … This would be his WORST nightmare.

Why don’t you test yourself? guess which one of us is due first. Oh and which one is ME?! Answer after the ‘read more’ link 🙂

On a crafty note, the unicorn embroidery is still in progress. Taking a lot longer than I’d expected but it’s a BIG piece of work so I’m kinda not surprised. I’m also partway through the dress version of my Maternity ‘pirate’ top. I’ve only got around 4 weeks left to go, but the great thing is that because it’s elasticated I can wear it after Squiggle arrives, and ‘cos it’s button up it’ll be good for breastfeeding. win win win win win.

Anyhow, guessed whose going to ‘pop’ first yet? Guessed which one is me?

Guess right? DON’T LIE!!!

Hospital bag STILL not packed, hoping to waddle down town tomorrow and pick myself up a cheap dressing gown… I also need some… err.. consumables from tesco.

Need to get my hair done but STILL can’t decide what to do with it, at the moment it is HOT and I am HOT so If I went to the hairdresser I’d come out looking like this:

My sister in law has given be a shedload of lovely textiles to sew baby things with, I love this particular ‘piece’ more than cake:

It’s Sanrio so I bet those little hamsters have got a whole load of backstory… it’s just a handkerchief so I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do with it (yet) but it sets off lots of lovely happy chemical reactions in my brain 🙂

(see those lovely pink candy stripes behind it, that’s my gorgeous new ironing board cover that I made myself, jealous?… nah I didn’t think so…. )

well… I think that’s all for now in pregnant land. Over and out.

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