Baby Clothes, Cleaned (ironed?!) and Catalogued

This post is essentially for the information of anyone who may buy me anything for Squiggle.

We have been very fortunate, in that up to now the Husb0t and I have not bought any baby clothes (apart from the odd Princess Leia costume and Hello Kitty dress that we’ve found at carboot sales) But our lovely family and friends have been more than generous in their gift giving, and in particular my uncle dropped off a MASSIVE amount of his boys’ clothes that they’d outgrown. Even right now, as I’m writing I’m remembering more bits of baby clothes that we’ve got stashed away somewhere (9 months is a long time!)and I’m having to go and amend my list… oh there’s a list… I HAD to make a list!…

Here’s the list:

So I guess… we’ve probably got MORE than enough 0-3 month stuff 🙂 we could do with some more jumpers/cardigans for winter (3-6 month) more blankets/muslin squares/crib (moses basket/pram size) sheets as we have none! haha But I’m thinking of using pillow cases anyhow as they’re much cheaper.

We’ll need stuff for the cot bed after about 3 months (sheets/more blankets) but I need to get that measured.

We’d also greatfully accept gifts of boring consumable items like nappies and wipes. I’d really like some reusable nappies, you can get packs of 3 or so to try out in some supermarkets now. Money’s going to be tight when Squig gets here so even if you bought us some nappy bags I’d be greatful! Vouchers are cool too.

We’ve kept to the basics when getting ‘equipment’ we’ve got a car seat/buggy (with pram top), changing table/mat, bath, crib, cot bed and a few toys. We do not want a baby monitor. I believe we’re getting a playpen/room divider. We’ve also got a really cute little rocking horse…. I would quite like a baby sling of some description but I think I’d rather buy it for myself as there are so many on the market (and some of them are DAMN ugly!) so if you want to buy us something along those lines juat let me know so I can make sure we don’t get duplicates 🙂

and (of course) if you’ve got a shop or website that sells baby goods and want me to review anything on this blog, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

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