37 Weeks (& going a little crazy at 4:30am)

Gosh 3 weeks left to go… hopefully. Don’t worry there will be some actual embroidery in this post, it’s not all about Squiggle. But (s)he is dominating my life a little right now so suck it…

Last night I hauled my pregnant ass out to karaoke 🙂 I like karaoke, but it’s hard to sing with your lungs, intestines and stomach all pushed up in your ribcage. I haven’t been to Karaoke since before I was pregnant so there was lots of “woah what happened?!” from well meaning people who recognised me from before, as well as the usual stares from strangers who don’t understand that they do allow pregnant women into pubs nowadays.

Anyhow I sang True Colours, started a bit crap, got better towards the end of the song, it was quite triumphant, drunk people loved it. Then my friends from Cherry Scream (find them on FB!) got up and sang Highway to Hell and You Give love A Bad Name, I sang along at the top of my lungs (not very far away from the bottom of my lungs) it was very cathartic…

I got into bed around 1am and (thankfully) fell asleep quite quickly… which was good because I woke up at 4am, on my back, feeling really uncomfortable. I tried to roll over onto my right hand side (this is how I usually sleep – it’s the only way I can sleep – with a pillow jammed between my knees) but Squiggle wasn’t having any of it. So I gave up at 4:30 am and came downstairs.

I was awake.

I made the Husb0t a sandwich to take to work today… I decided I needed to leave him a note in case I fell asleep on the couch before he woke up:

(read more after the jump… )

I didn’t fall asleep on the couch… I picked up my embroidery work and began to anthropormorphise my complicated lazy-daisy border stitches (we’re talking the little blue guys here) This is an insight into my internal monologue 4:30-9am:

I got a nap between 10am – noon. It was nice. Normal cognitive function resumed (Well… *shrugs*). I went to town and got a haircut. But I’m not showing you it because I’ve been rubbing my eyes, which means I’ve got eyeliner all over my forehead and cheeks. 

and with that image I’ll leave you darlings 🙂

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