PM: Upcycle a Mens shirt into an Empire Line Dress. TUTORIAL

Now I know it’s traditional to post the tutorial after I show you the finished project – but I’m not up for having pictures took of me and my big fat swollen feet at the moment 🙂

so here’s my first illustrated tutorial!!

This dress is great for many reasons
(1) you can make it as a maternity or a non-maternity dress
(2) you can make it as a maternity dress and then with a quick em adjustment, you can still wear it once your body has shrunk back down to normal proportions ^.^
(3) it doubles up as a nursing dress because it’s button up
(4) it’s elasticated so you don’t have to worry too much about sizing
(5) its SUPER easy!!!

it’s ALLL good baby!

EDIT: I dont know what the hell Picasa has done to my pictures to make them so blocky- BUT I’ve converted these imaged into a PDF that you can download and print. download it here

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