PM: Upcycled Mens shirt into an Empire Line Dress. FINISHED! 1

6 DAYS TO GOOOOOOO……….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

OK time to come clean… this dress has been finished for AGES!… but …. well it’s ‘flouncy’ and ridiculous… and it feels completely silly sitting around the house in it.

I will be making another one (because even when I don’t need the bump-room I’m unlikely to want to be dressed in tight fitting clothes) I have a feeling when I’ve toned down the colours a little and got rid of the silly frilly/misbehaving collar it’ll be a lovely comfortable nursing dress.

ok so lesson learned, don’t pair a pattern with another pattern, a flat colour for the shirt or the skirt would be slightly less ridiculous.

but meh, life is for learning…. so here’s the pics!!

as you can see (especially in the side-on pic) a 3 inch front hem extension is enough to keep the hem level with bump… I’m 39 weeks pregnant 🙂

ooh… and another thing! I’ve converted the tutorial for this dress into a pdf, you can download it here.
also the stretch mark fairy visited me last night… bad times!

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