Tutorial! How to make a Jingle Bell Plush!

So guys, I’ve made a couple of noisy baby toys for a friend. A jingle bell plush and a crinkly taggie ‘blanket’.
Today I’m going to show you how to make the plush, The ‘blanket’ coming later in the week.

Here’s a video of them ‘live’ so to speak – obviously you’ll need your speakers on to fully enjoy the noisiness of them 🙂

Here’s the tutorial for the plush itself. (as you can see.. not my work)
And here’s the extra tutorial (mine) for adding in the jingle bells.

And here’s some more pics of the plush!! <3! (after the 'read more' link)

I’ve covered up the baby’s surname out of respect for the privacy of the family… but I’m going to be making more of these, fo’ sure!! haha

I’m kinda frustrated I didn’t get a picture of my favourite ribbon (the one on the right! <3 )

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