Carboot sale stuff… 1

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yup… we did it again! (maybe this could be a regular feature… except that you’re never guaranteed to get awesome stuff at a carboot sale, I just happen to have been lucky the last few weeks….

There were only 2 things though really, but it’s the PRICE that makes them particularly awesome 🙂 and their upcycleability (yup, that’s a ‘thing’)

first off, for 20p (that’s twenty British pence! … around 33 US Cents!)

It’s a tote bag… it says “cute as a button” some of the buttons are printed on (boo!!) and there are a couple sewn on (yeyy)… there clearly used to be more buttons sewn on which have dropped off over time… which is probably why it’s owner fell out of love with it… aren’t you a lucky tote bag!! I’m going to bring this sucker back to life by giving it a good wash, unpicking the lining, adding more buttons (MOAR BUTTONS!!), repositioning/altering the straps to make it a ‘stroller’ bag fer mah baybe!! (which, if I’ve not had it by the time this – scheduled – post goes out, will be a week and 2 days late)

again.. TWENTY PENCE… thankyou 🙂

wanna know what’s more awesome though?
weighing in at an absolutely frivolous £1 (ONE GBP= $1.64)

A DOUBLE MARVEL SUPERHEROES duvet cover with 2 (count them) pillowcases…. a pound, one pound, look at all that fabric, a pound! amazing!
it’s going to be the most amazing dress ever, how can it not be? I’m going to wear it to the October Expo in London and all the geeks will want to lick me HELLS YEA!!! gotta get some bodice boning skills in before then, I’ve gotta be the yummiest geeky mummy in London that day ^.^ SQUEE!!! A POUND!!!

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