Getting on it, slowly but surely… 4

FACT: babies make it hard to craft…. I did not previously appreciate this.

FACT: There is no shame after childbirth, I no longer care about being photographed without make up.

This is how I roll… very… very… slowly!! But slow progress is still progress (but, the baby’s asleep, why don’t you put him down – ah, but if you put him down, he’ll wake up, and then he’ll cry…. )

wanna see what I’m working on?

hmm? nope, no more clues, it’s for a swap, I can’t risk spoiling the surprise!

And don’t worry 🙂 A Tutorial for the Shirt and Tie Bibs and more pictures are coming soon.

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4 thoughts on “Getting on it, slowly but surely…

  • kelly

    love it. all of it. and yes, crafting is SO MUCH HARDER after a baby! i used to be able to sew all day without stopping… now it all depends on the toddler’s sleep schedule and/or his willingness to let me pay attention to something other than him.

  • frankiesoup

    It gets easier – a playmat totally saved my crafting life from about 6 weeks on. While Bub was watching all the colourful dangly bits above her, I was furiously knitting away.

    And you absolutely shouldn’t put him down, even if he’s asleep. Within what seems like 2 seconds, he’ll be sitting up on his own and be too interested in everything else to want snuggles. Drink it all up while you can!