Nighttime Nursing Bra Top TUTORIAL! 3

WARNING: frank discussion of breastfeeding and lady-booby-bits… it doesn’t bother me so I don’t know why it should bother you but, meh, the internet *shrug*

ok, so I spent pretty much… err… yup half my life being generally disappointed with my boobs… well… I’ve now found my boobs’ secret talent. Apparently they’re hella good at feeding babies (well… my baby… haven’t tried them on other people’s babies yet, although I am feeling I may have had quite a profitable career as a wetnurse if such careers still existed…)

So… my boobs are efficient feeding devices, infact:


oh yea!

err… yea MAGNIFICENT quantities… all night… poor husbo0t…
I could wear a bra to bed and pad it with breast pads but I’m not sure that would solve the problem, plus I only have 2 nursing bras and I’m already having trouble washing them quickly enough, also, I like to be comfortable to sleep. You can of course *buy* nursing nightgowns but *pfft* that would involve MONEY…

So I took one of my vest tops and made this:

It literally took me 40 mins MAXIMUM and is completely going to solve my nighttime feeding/sleeping/not drowning problem 🙂 what you’ve got here is a stretchy cropped vest top, with an internal pocket (which I will be padding with cut-up old towels) and velcro fastening at the straps to enable night-time bleary eyed feeding.

want it? make it! I’ve written down the super easy instructions here.


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3 thoughts on “Nighttime Nursing Bra Top TUTORIAL!

  • Cakelingerie

    Great post! Your feedback is really marvelous. Maternity bras are specifically designed to accommodate changes in your breasts providing breast and support during pregnancy. It is very important that you choose night time nursing bras that is flexible and padded. Also, be sure the wire fits well underneath and behind the breast tissue. Pressure on the breast tissue can result in a plugged duct and may cause a breast infection.

  • lisa mai

    Great idea!! Whenever I nursed, I leaked ALL night long. The first few months were brutal – I’d literally wake up SOAKED! My hubby, supportive as possible of breastfeeding, was completely grossed out by waking up drenched in milk 😉 I will be keeping this tutorial handy. If it helps you at all, I’ve found some clasps and just ordered them (As opposed to the velcro):

    • GeekySweetheart

      thanks lisa! I can’t belive I never thought to look for these on the internet (?!) I will certainly be getting some and using them for the next one, I’m going to be so prepared!!! haha

      but seriously though, the products on offer to help night-time leaky boob are pretty rubbish. Especially if you want to avoid using disposable nursing pads and you dont have a lot of money to throw around 🙂