It’s ME!!… well … not really… 2

I finally got around to padding my dressform to make it something like the right shape….

This is what it used to look like… why do they make dressforms with no boobs!? srsly!? if you’re thinking about it don’t even bother with one of these adjustable dressforms … don’t bother… probably easier just to make your own.
anyhow… I picked up a sports bra (cos seriously.. me? sports? come on!) and packed it out with cushion padding, I then wrapped the bottom of the dressform with sellotape(sticky facing out) and stuck a load of cushion padding to the bum area, and wrapped all that in a bin liner… it then looked something like this:

I got some pink Jersey I had in my stash (my stash is taking over the living room, HELP!!) and traced around a jersey dress I know fits me:
Then I put the cover on the dressform, loosely basted around the armholes, put the spare fabric inside the cover and pulled the thread tight to gather:

I did the same around the bottom, trimmed the spare fabric around the neck and was left with this:
which I was quite pleased with… but it needed something else:
ahh… neck bow detail a-la glue gun… I love my hot glue gun…
and it’s done…

Now I guess I’ve got to make a dress…

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2 thoughts on “It’s ME!!… well … not really…

    • GeekySweetheart

      frustratingly I’m going to have to do this all again because I’m now a completely different shape :-/ and I completely don’t recommend using a sports bra, they’re too squishy….

      my problem is I change shape TOO MUCH haha, but then Squiggle is nearly 6 months old now, I could probably stand to look after myself a little better and maintain a stable weight…. *sigh* we’ll see….