Know anything about sewing machine feet? 8

I’m looking for help identifying some sewing machine feet. I believe them all to be screw on and quite old.
this is my sewing machine.

I do have other sewing machines if they won’t fit on this one… but this one’s my favourite…

here are the feet!

Here are my guesses
1 – roll hem?
2 – freehand embroidery
3 – ??
4 – another type of roll hem?
5 – something buttonhole-y?
6 – I have another one of these… but I’ve never used it?
7 – regular sewing foot
8 – some kind of seam guide?
9 – zipper?
10 – I don’t know but it looks FABULOUS!
of any of you can enlighten me I will be ETERNALLY grateful!

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8 thoughts on “Know anything about sewing machine feet?

  • vicky

    Think no 4 is a bias binding thing, I have a 6 and have never used it, think its for silky type fabrics. Plastic making it slip through better.
    No 1 is a hemming foot.
    Maybe 3 is a blind hem foot? does it have brushes at one side?I can’t see the pictures any bigger.
    God knows what 10 is but it rocks! Just put it on the mantlepiece!!!
    Alternatively go to Burdastyle and ask Katexxxxxx. What she doesn’t know about this kind of stuff isn’t worth knowing x

  • GeekySweetheart

    you guys are too awesome, I just tried to attatch 10 to my machine and I can’t even sew with it… a ruffler eh?… hmm… either my machines just plain the wrong shape or I’m doing it wrong… anyhow… that gives me somewhere to start looking rather than random trial and error πŸ™‚ the roll hem foot and the bias binding foot should come in very useful (I completely see the bias-bindingness of it now… can’t wait to try it πŸ™‚ ) I think I’ve got about 5 buttonhole feet and they all look different? silly bottonholes…