Finished: “Cross Stitch or Die” Shoes

 OH BABY!!! <3 I love these, and I’ve learned a lot making them, they’re a little rough around the edge, but who the hell cares, no one is going to get close enough to my smelly feet to notice!! haha!

check out my inspiration:

What I have learned:
  • Outdoor Modpodge is glossy, not matte *sadface*
  • If you are covering a dark pair of shoes with a light fabric you need some sort of lining fabric to stop the dark showing through.
  • I embroidered the motif on a separate piece of fabric to stick on after, bad move, created unnecessary bulk which makes for a messy finish.
  • Soluble canvas is AWESOME but expensive…
  • I can cross stitch!!! who knew!?

I’ll bring you my tutorial and pattern for the cross stitch motif soon, but if you want more check out my flick photoset full of work in progress pictures

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