Oh My! Lady Geek of the Week!

I was featured as Lady Geek of the Week on Being Geek Chic

I have a kind of blogging solipsism which means that I’m always more than mildly surprised when anyone actually reads my blog. So thanks so much Being Geek Chic! I’m quite flattered!

A also like the phrases:
“not your average knit one, pearl two how-to blog”
“balance between your inner June Cleaver and self-proclaimed soul-sister Betty Friedan”

I need to find out who June Cleaver and Betty Friedlan are but I’m sure that was a nice thing to say (I know… I’m rubbish, right?!)
So THANKYOU Being Geek Chic and I PROMISE that next time you send me an e-mail I WILL reply!! haha 

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