Price Increases, and the reasons why ….

When I made my first ring sling I remarked on my blog that making a ring sling was a ‘nothing job’ (haha!) My first ring sling took me about 30 mins to make, and I had the idea that if I could keep volume high and profits low I could make a living.. Now I know I was very naive (arrogant?) 2 years on as I’ve learned more it now takes me twice as long to sew a ring sling, and that’s not including communication … how is that possible? I thought I’d get quicker? … I’ve learned that its the details that make the difference, and so I put the time into the details: I tie off all loose threads by hand. I take the time to get accurate representations of colours in my photos. I fold and package the slings with care in 2 layers of plastic including a reusable zip lock bag. I send out invoices which tell you where every centimetre of your precious sling is going to end up and make the process of paying simple and easy even on mobile devices. I’m never too busy for a please, a thankyou or a kind sympathetic ear. I’m working with the BCIA to help maintain the high standards of the baby carrier industry I help other less experienced carrier makers, hobbyists and even direct competitors, because I believe that’s best for everyone and safe babies are more important than my business. Details like those take time and I understand (and i hope you do too) that keeping standards high is more important than ‘churning them out’ So I no longer worry that if I’m not the cheapest people won’t order from me, because if you’re only ordering from me as I’m the cheapest then that cheapens all that effort in turn. I want to be the best 🙂 and I’ll continue getting better, and charging accordingly, because I believe when you’re working with precious babies you’ve a moral obligation to constantly strive to be the best you can be. #gsblog #babywearing #smallbusiness


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