project maternity

6 DAYS TO GOOOOOOO……….. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! OK time to come clean… this dress has been finished for AGES!… but …. well it’s ‘flouncy’ and ridiculous… and it feels completely silly sitting around the house in it. I will be making another one (because even when I don’t need the […]

PM: Upcycled Mens shirt into an Empire Line Dress. FINISHED!

OK,  as promised a TUTORIAL for my men’s shirt upcycle 🙂 I’ve made this as a maternity piece but it could of course suit the un-pregnant ladies out there who are best served by an empire line for whatever reason… OK start with a men’s shirt – the bigger the […]

Maternity ‘Pirate’ Top – Mens shirt upcycle – Tutorial

My partner in this swap was Baloo. It’s always a game of Russian roulette when you swap with a ‘new swapper’ in retrospect I think I was a pretty crap first time swapper myself. I sent my Dr Who Knitting Needle Roll… which… you know… did include a 12 inch […]

British TV Comedy Swap – What I Recieved!

I’m not going to be able to sew myself a whole wardrobe… it’s just not feasible. I work a day job which varies widely between 37.5 hours a week to 45+ hours a week (not including what can be an hour drive there, and an hour drive back… and other […]

PM: Reality Check

If you’re not on my facebook page (you really should be) you’re behind on news… I’ve finished something!! Take a peek at what I’m affectionately calling my strawberry maternity pencil skirt: this is what it looks like after I’ve been to work in it… now let’s look at it on […]

PM: Today I went to School Dressed as a Strawberry: